How do I book Upscale Buffalo?

You can book Upscale Buffalo right here on the website: BOOKINGS, send an E-Mail at and even on Instagram: @upscalebuffalo, send us a DM

What kind of girls do you have for bookings?

We have high quality 'Upscale' girls available for bookings. Private dancers, models, bartenders and VIP hosts.

What type of events do you book girls for in Buffalo?

We book all types of events from promotions, club openings, bachelor parties, photo shoots, boat party basically you plan the event and we will provide the girls.

Do you have men available? I'd like a male stripper!

Yes, we have men available: models and strippers

Will I receive confirmation on my booking?

Yes, you will receive an E-Mail confirmation

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a deposit is required. Typically 40% - 50% depending on the date and cost of the total booking.

How is deposit handled?

Deposit can be sent via CashApp or in person Appointment with the CEO

How long can I book Upscale Buffalo girls?

You can book an event or party for minimum 30 minutes and maximum 12 hours. Any booking over 12 hours would need complete details and itinerary.

Is there a minimum amount of people required for a booking

We can accommodate ANY booking from 1 - 1000+

Do you provide security for the event or party?

Yes, we always have security available for all events. The safety of our staff is a priority.

How many girls can I book for one event?

You can book 1 - 100+ there is a cost per girl per hour. A popular request is a 2 girl / 1 hour rate.

How much does it cost to book?

Our rates are custom to your event/party.
For example, a 2 girl for 1-hour party could range from $550 - $1050+ based on girls requested, location, travel, and accommodations.

Do you have to tip at parties?

For most reservations, YES tips are required for the party. There may be reservations that tips are not required, however, the custom rate will have gratuity.
Bartenders and Private Dancers will expect tips and they are greatly appreciated. Models may not expect tips however gratuity is always welcome.

What is a good tip total amount?

At most parties the total tip expected for 1 hour: $500 - $1000+ however tip amounts vary based on many factors such as the number of guests, level of party: VIP, location, and the type of event.

For example: Party of 10 guys... each guy should tip $50 - $100+ some guests will tip less and some will tip more. There will be 'fun auctions' at the private party and events, tips are definitely required.

Will Upscale Buffalo have change for tips?

Yes at Upscale Buffalo we always provide change for tips and will have all denominations: $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s, and even $50s

Can I take pictures of the girls? Wow, she's pretty!

Pictures are never allowed during the party. If photos are taken the party will stop and all pictures must be deleted in front of CEO or security or the party is over. No exemptions. You may ask for a picture at the end of the party and may be granted a picture with the girl for a fee. Thanks

Can I touch the girl? This dance is exciting me!

You can NOT touch the girl or girls EVER. Just sit back and relax she will give you a very exciting dance

Are females welcome as guests and to book?

Yes, ladies are always welcome to attend parties and book girls for their own events and parties. We have done 'Jack and Jill' parties, bachelor parties with female guests, bachelorette parties and even 'spiced up' a limo bus wine tour girls day. Ladies are always welcome, thank you for the business.

Is Upscale Buffalo an escort business?

Upscale Buffalo is NOT an escort service.
Upscale Buffalo is the best booking agency in Buffalo, NY for adult parties and a party service provider business with beautiful bartenders, hosts, dancers for private parties and promotional events.

There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment, proposition or solicitation at Upscale Buffalo.

Why would I book with Upscale Buffalo when I can go to a local gentleman's club?

Going to a club is always a fun option and we can host your party at a local club: The Stiletto Club on Lake Shore Road in Blasdell, NY. Booking with Upscale Buffalo provides you the ability to have the girls you desire at your location at a date and time you select.

Do you provide music or have a DJ?

Yes, we can provide music, a small sound system, a DJ, whatever you prefer. You are also welcome to provide your own music.

Do you provide refunds?

We do not provide refunds. In the event you must cancel your party, you have 1 calendar year to reschedule however we can not guarantee the talent and reserve the right to substitute for a girl of a similar look, style and caliber.

Do you guarantee requested girls?

At Upscale Buffalo we do our best to guarantee the girl you requested is available and at your party. In the event the girl you requested is not, we may have to reschedule your day to guarantee your requested girl or we will provide a girl of similar or better appearance and may also offer compensation in the form of additional time or monetary credit.

I'm interested in being a part of Upscale Buffalo, how do I contact?

Upscale Buffalo is always interested in speaking with attractive and high-quality individuals who are interested in being a part of Upscale Buffalo. There are many options to contact us: Message on the website in 'Contact Us', send a DM with your picture at @upscalebuffalo on Instagram, or email us at